From our inception, IIT Tech Ambit has dared to dream a little bigger. To be a thought leader in Science and Tech...

Posted by IIT Tech Ambit on Friday, July 31, 2020
We are now Pan-IIT!
IIT Tech Ambit’s principal mission is to educate and stimulate a discourse on technology, indulging not only in the techniques of scientific research, core ideas behind engineering applications and entrepreneurial innovation but also reflecting on the philosophical aspects of their influence.

Our monthly publications explore this mission in around five to ten articles authored and edited comprehensively by student editors.

The technology leaders of the world are increasingly coming from IITs. In their nearly seven-decade long existence, these institutes have grown autonomously with unique administrative and student initiatives. The students‘ interrelation is currently celebrated through competitions- sports, socio-cultural and technical. However, in our two years of existence, we at Tech Ambit have noticed a lack of student collaboration or value flow from one institute to another.

In this regard, the Pan IIT expansion of Tech Ambit is an unprecedented milestone for IITs. We hold that communication of knowledge of emerging tech through our reporting is the necessary first step to facilitate the exchange of tech-knowledge systems across the ecosystem.

The Pan IIT Editorial Board envisions the coming together of IITs not only to review the technological landscape but also to usher in new collaborations between students, professors and alumni which will drive India and IITs higher into the International scene.

We recognise and plan to widen the scope of this year-long collaboration by bringing in better stories and by providing a community for the entire ecosystem. We happily invite collaborations from other student-run organisations to achieve this aim.

I would like to personally thank Mukund Khandelwal (IIT Madras), Amogh Gawaskar and Suman Mondal (Chief Editors Insight, IIT Bombay), Atharva Shukla and Sudhang Varshney (Chief Editors - Watch Out, IIT Roorkee) and Pratyush Pandey (Chief Editor- Board of Student Publication, IIT Delhi) for sharing the vision of this collaboration and aiding in the smooth expansion. My sincerest thanks to Prof. Suman Chakraborty (Dean, Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy) and Prof Abhijeet Chandra (VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur) for their timely guidance and support.

Lastly, I must acknowledge my senior comrades and friends Atal Agarwal & Utkarsh Sinha who co-founded the organization and offered me to write. How far we’ve come! I hope this news brings you great satisfaction. IIT Tech Ambit is here to stay!

Tech Ambit has grown rather uniquely to adopt its own internal work culture, undeterred by lack of physical infrastructure- we have always worked completely online! We realise that technology is an enabler but also that its good design that grants equitable access to all. Magazines essentially being a visual medium, have shown us the power of design to strengthen our communication. We hope you appreciate the new design language we have adopted from this issue onwards.